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Ida Gillner - vocals, piano, soprano sax, composer        I        Livet Nord - violinquinton, live electronics, vocals


SHTOLTSE LIDER   Ida Gillner and Livet Nord make up the duo Shtoltse lider (Proud poems) who invites their audience to devoted and heartfelt concerts of yiddish poetry set to their original music. Featuring women writers from hundred years ago, a time when the yiddish culture was blooming, Shtoltse lider enlightens these norm-breaking and almost forgotten poets with their captivating music, passionate approach and engaging storytelling. Words and music are carefully woven together and the musical palette draws from klezmer, cinematic music, Nordic tones, contemporary modes and 1920´cabaret. They have performed at several venues and festivals, such as KlezKanada (digital), book fairs and libraries, theatres and culture events.

"Yiddish innovators" - Sounds Jewish Radio, USA

"They sling with delicacy and reverence on Yiddish music." - Late for the sky, Italy

Hugly powerful listening” - LIRA Music Magazine, Sweden

"A strong and genuine relationship with traditional Jewish music and impulses from contemporary sources makes it all unique." - Nettavisen, Norway

BACKGROUND   The project Shtoltse lider emerged in 2015 by the duo Ida&Louise (Ida Gillner and Louise Vase) when they were comissioned by the yiddish community in Gothenburg to write music to a poem by Rokhl Korn for a seminar. It rapidly evolved into a bigger project covering not only Korns poems, but several other women writers all active in the early 1900s. Resulting in a performing art concert premiering 2017, the music album Shtoltse lider ( 2019), a live broadcasted release concert in Swedish Radio P2 and  interviews in several newspapers and national radio stations, their work with Shtoltse lider has been recognized as significant for spreading the knowledge of these Yiddish writers in Sweden. Their work has also been internationally acknowledged through interviews and reviews in Europe and USA. In 2021 Shtoltse lider was invited to perform at the international conference Remember ReAct in Malmö, with delegates and ambassadors from the whole world. Since 2022 Shtoltse lider consists of Ida Gillner and Livet Nord.

IDA GILLNER - vocals, piano, soprano sax, composer, artistic director

Ida Gillner is a musician, artist and composer from Gothenburg, Sweden. She has a bachelor from the world music department at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, with soprano saxophone as her major instrument focusing on traditional Swedish music and later on traditional jewish music from Eastern Europe. She has also studied with Christian David and Sanne Möricke during a half year residence in Berlin in 2012, and attended several venues for further studies, such as KlezKanada, Shtetl Neuköln and the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow. She began her studies in Yiddish at the Jewish congregation in Gothenburg in 2018. In 2019 playwright Vera Berzak and Ida initiated the work with an original play about poet Anna Margolin, where Ida composed the music and also performed in it.  Among her sustained work with Yiddish music and culture, she also performs and writes music for theatre, and plays soprano sax with several groups; Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell (finnish tango), Ida&Louise (yiddish music) and Flocken (folk/jazz). In 2020 she released her first solo album on piano, containing her original music within the modern classical field. www.idagillner.se

LIVET NORD - violinquinton, live electronics, glockenspiel, vocals

Livet Nord is an award-winning violinist, composer and performer from Örebro, currently living in the region Dalarna. She is traditionally trained in classical violin and has a bachelor from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, but she moves easily and freely across diverse genres like klezmer, modern tango, Swedish folk music, classical music and free improvisation. For a quarter-century now she has toured around the world with her groups New Tide Orquesta and Kaja, appeared in a sizable number of ensembles projects,and is featured on at least sixty albums. Her first solo project Paperbird (Kakafon Records 2023) showcases Livet’s eclectic musical background, her inquiring mind, and her penchant for accommodating different styles and expressions. Livet also helms the quality label Kakafon Records. In 2009 she recieved Gothenburg's Cultural Award. In 2015, she had the distinction of being named Artist of the Year at Sweden’s Folk and World Music Gala.And in 2023, her composing was awarded by SKAP, Sweden’s association for music creators. www.livetnord.se


Dos shtoltse lid (The proud poem)

Lyrics: Anna Margolin (1887-1952)    Music: Ida Gillner

Mayn heym (My home)

Lyrics: Anna Margolin (1887-1952), Swedish translation: Beila Engelhardt Titelman    Music: Ida Gillner

Ikh hob dikh nokh nit gezen (I haven´t yet seen you)

Lyrics: Celia Dropkin (1887-1956)    Music: Ida Gillner

Ordens drottningar

(Queens of words)

Ordens drottningar (Queens of words) is an expressive and heartfelt performance where Shtoltse lider takes the audience on a spellbinding journey through time, music, and poetry. The performance premiered in May 2024 and will continue touring and are open for bookings within and outside Sweden. Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Katz Jewish Cultural Foundation, Längmanska Cultural Funding.



February 8th - Concert, Landvetter Bibliotek, Landvetter, Sweden



February 21st - Concert, Borås Stadsteater, Borås, Sweden
May 15th - Ordens drottningar (school performance), House of Possibilitas, Gotheburg, Sweden
May 16th - Ordens drottningar (premiere), House of Possibilitas, Gothenburg, Sweden
June 29th - Part of concert with Livets Orkester, Sweasalen, Leksand, Sweden
October 25th - Ordens drottningar, Planeta Festival, Kulturhuset Kåken, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 5th - Ordens drottningar (showcase), Dalarna, Sweden

March 3rd - Concert, Kakafon Festival, Folkteatern, Gothenburg, Sweden
June 3rd - Concert, Aggers Hus, Östansjö, Sweden
August 25th - Concert, Hildasholm, Leksans, Sweden
September 30th - Shtoltse lider solo, Bokmässan, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 17th - Concert, Hornstull bibliotek, Stockholm, Sweden
November 18th - Concert, Litteraturfestivalen Gävlit, Gävle, Sweden


June 14th - Digital live concert, KlezKanada, Canada/World wide
November 20th - Shtoltse lider solo, Bohusläns muséum, Uddevalla, Sweden
December 12th - Shtoltse lider solo, Teater Aftonstjärnan, Gothenburg, Sweden